The Love of a child to the Pope
Somewhere before the year Nastin interest to the Pope was not as conscious as it…

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Why sleep is so important to the development of the baby
What happens when the baby finally falls asleep? Surprisingly, actually, when Your baby is fast…

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The child is cheating
Lying and Stealing Question: Good afternoon, Mr Putin. I want to ask for Your advice…

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The Influence of relationship of teacher to student academic performance

One of the recent Russian studies have shown that the objectivity of marks recognized a little more than half of the teachers and one third of the parents. Thus, teachers themselves understand the subjectivity exhibited in the journal and diaries of marks.

An experiment conducted by American psychologist Rosenthal and Jacobson, confirmed the assumption that biased attitude to children can affect the evaluation of teachers the success of training students and in General on the process of their development. The experimenters were determined in the intelligence school students. Teachers requested that they be informed of the results of the studies, experimenters chose to list in random order the names of the students and announced to the school that is the most intelligent of all subjects, after which the attitude of teachers towards these students have changed. Consciously or unconsciously, they began to treat them as gifted students, to pay more attention to them, to encourage. Experimenters in a few months again conducted a survey of schoolchildren. Compared to other students student achievement, which the experimenters “identified” the most intelligent, has improved and, very Continue reading

How the father after the divorce to protect their rights?

Presenter: So what’s a father if he doesn’t want a divorce after being separated from your child? He will tell us about the lawyer Tatyana Salomatov. Tell me, what rights does the father in the divorce?

Presenter: So what’s a father if he doesn’t want a divorce after being separated from your child? He will tell us about the lawyer Tatyana Salomatov. Tell me, what rights does the father in the divorce?

Guest: family law we have the parents equal rights. But, of course, in our country, as a rule, if he lives separately from their children, has the right to communicate and to raise their children.

Presenter: What can convince the court during the divorce process to keep the baby the father?

Guest: everything is Evaluated: housing conditions, material conditions and yet the affection of children. Because there are times when the mother may be more engaged in the work, and the father sits and does the housework. This is rarely the situation in our country, really, but at the same time, it happens.

Presenter: And the children themselves can decide who they want to stay?

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Relationship between parents and children

Parents and children

Most often the biggest influence on a person family. Not society, not school, not work, namely the family. First and foremost, the identity of the child form the parents. They help the child learn the rules of behavior in society, to understand what is happening, learn to communicate and interact with people, compassion. From the relationship of the child with parents depends largely on how he will grow, as will build their relationships with others.

Try to figure out what are the family relationships of parents and children.

In the child’s life the father and mother occupy a very large place. In his eyes the parents are like:

• source of support, without which the child feels helpless and alone;

• the embodiment of power, as they dispose of the comforts of life, can punish and encourage;

• sample and an example to follow;

• older friends and advisers, who can be trusted with their own problems and experiences.

For most parents, children are the most important part of life. The love of a child, they dedicated their free time, they are kept financially, care for them, worry about them. Any parent wishes happiness and success in life for your child.

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The education of the child from 5 to 7 years

In the period from 5 to 7 years in a child’s life there is a gradual transition from childhood to school life, concludes with a test of physical and cognitive readiness of the baby to the educational process. Therefore, with 5 to 7 years education of the child shall be directed to the acquisition of necessary life skills and improving performance.

For many parents, learning crumbs arithmetic, reading and writing becomes overwhelming and painful task. This is because mom and dad do not know the psychological characteristics of the child and do not know how to organize the learning process. We will help you to solve all the problems of raising a child at the age of 5-7 years.

Proper upbringing of children 5-7 years

It would seem that the crisis is three years of age passed and other critical points now are not expected, but parents can still face many negative consequences in the child’s behavior.

If parents are not able to recognize the psychological problems of the child, then aged 10-14 years will exacerbate the problems and solve them is almost impossible. Try now to put a maximum of efforts for the development of positive qualities of the child and full smoothing is negative.

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Father of the child after divorce: the rights and responsibilities

Rights of the father on the child after divorce, and responsibilities of the father after divorce are regulated by the Russian legislation. Couples need to know about the rights and obligations of the former spouse after divorce.

In accordance with applicable law, the rights of parents on the child after divorce are equal. Parents need to know about all these intricacies, to avoid misunderstandings. This kind of will allow them to maintain a normal relationship, despite the separation.

Rights of the father on the child after divorce, and responsibilities of the father after divorce, should be observed. Both ex-spouses must be aware of what a former head of the family, and what duties he must perform in relation to their child.

After divorce the former husband has the right to see the child. The place of residence of minors is determined by the court if the parties cannot come to an amicable agreement. Typically, the child still continues to live with his mother. The only exceptions are special cases. The father has the right to apply to court if he considers that the child should live with it.

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